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Machine Vision Technology Bamboo Industry Changes
Sep 12, 2016

China is known as the "Kingdom of bamboo," said bamboo, bamboo germplasm resource area, bamboo industry in a number of indicators such as output ranked first in the world. "XV", the rapid development of China's bamboo industry, has developed many new products, also formed many distinctive technology. At present, have been exported to Southeast Asia, Japan and the United States and Europe, more than 30 countries, and annual exports of more than 500 million US dollars.

In the processing of bamboo products, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo dyed or carbonized, bamboo of different shades. In order to ensure the quality of bamboo products, bamboo material must first be color grading. Thousands of bamboo products manufacturer in Taiwan, rely mainly on artificial bamboo color grading, labor intensive, low efficiency and graded quality can not be guaranteed, greatly restricting the development of bamboo industry. With the increasing demand for bamboo products in the international market, domestic production of bamboo products have been expanding, classification of raw materials is becoming increasingly prominent, there is an urgent need of bamboo raw materials by classification toward automation, artificial intelligence.

Detection stage, automatically sent material institutions will bamboo sent to camera room, dang close Medallion detection to bamboo raw materials arrived of information Shi, triggered CCD industrial camera began work, CCD industrial camera intake bamboo image signal, after image collection card conversion, sent to computer memory, completed computer on bamboo raw materials of collection process, by get features parameter, color recognition model calculation, and analysis and processing, get bamboo raw materials grading signal; while will this a grading signal into for corresponding of control signal, transfer to single tablets machine, SCM based on the signal delay to make a different different grading grading mechanism of action, the bamboo collection channel onto the corresponding, complete a full automatic detection and classification process.