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He Wants To Make Bamboo Products Spread All Over The World
Sep 12, 2016

Provincial tourism commodities fair closed, creator of Zhang liming accompany Temple (a small shrine) stand out in participation of more than 3,000 pieces of works, won the competition second prize.

Zhang liming was born in chongyi County town in the mountains ' farmhouse, surrounded by mountains, grew up in the bamboo forests of play in work, play, Zhang liming a special emotion with bamboo. In 1996, Zhang liming, like peers, away from home, working in the South. In 2006, he accidentally exposed to a special industry-wood art, and from then on, he came up with an idea – to settle in a bamboo wood Arts factory, hometown of bamboo becomes a piece of art. At that time, accumulated some savings he would go home and start a business.

Opportunities are always for the prepared minds. This year, in the mass start, millions of innovative entrepreneurship promotion, local governments continue to improve entrepreneurship policies, actively build a business platform, to optimize service, in terms of finance, policy, technology and other entrepreneurs to help. Zhang liming with home arts industry together to form a "cultural center", products will be extended to areas such as bamboo carving, bamboo musical instruments, bamboo pavilion. Also, by participating in local electrical contractor training, the County opened the e-commerce sales channel, and now, their products are exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places. "We want to create more works of art, the hometown of bamboo with the perfect fusion of art, in case of bamboo products around the world. "Zhang liming told the authors about his dream.

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